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connections to an armed robbery spree in san jose. >> this is the most roughest, toughest most bumpiest road i've ever seen. >> rough roads in a rich town. the city listed as having some out of the lumpiest streets in the bay area. >> and a look at america's love affair with a guilty pleasure. it is 7:00 saturday morning, november 17th. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec, and we start with an eye on the rain we've been seeing over the past 24. steady showers overnight. we're expecting more rain this weekend across the bay. in daily city people have been keeping a close eye on that hillside. it's next to homes where a water main broke on tuesday. they're worried about the rain washing out more mud and creating a bigger mess, more rainy weather may be blamed for an accident overnight involving a chp cruiser. the crash happened at 10:00
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last night on highway 101 near the west railroad avenue exit. the squad car was found upside down and suffered major damage. we turn brian hackney to see how much rain we got. >> we have 2 inches of rain in the hills west of mill valley. there was also as much in the mills of big sir. we got plenty of rain around the shoreline. in the south bay a quarter of an inch. high showers will end but right on the heels of this another storm is powering towards the bay area. we'll be picking up more toward this evening. we'll have all the details when we cover the forecast a few minutes from now. >> you can get live high kev doppler radar anytime. developing news in san jose. police have one man in custody,
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another still on the loose after a shootout that injured an officer. one man was arrested at about 9:30 last night in east san jose. police believe he and another man committed four armed robberies. an officer spotted their car and in the ensuing pursuit one of the men opened fire. a bullet grazed an officer. one of the men tried to run away but was arrested. the other got away in the car and is still at large. today a memorial will mark one year since a police officer was killed. officer jim kaput was a 19 year veteran. he was shot by a bank robbery suspect. he had coached the girl's basketball team at vallejo high school. the anniversary memorial happens at 11:00 this morning. a judge is allowing high speed rail here in california to go forward. california farmers in the central valley were hoping for
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a preliminary injunction. the judge denied that late yesterday. the farmers say the rail authority should halt all planning and engineering work because of alleged violations of environmental laws. the lawsuit will be heard even though the injunction was denied. human toll takers on the golden gate bridge will be on the judge a little longer. a new electronic poll system was scheduled to be up and running next month with toll takers phased out completely in february. but bridge directors have moved both of the target dates back by a month. they need to do more tests to insure discounts for the disabled. a community filled with million dollar homes but 10- cent streets. they show us why lock spur is behind the curve when it comes to quality of the roadways. >> the view of the picturesque town of lark spur. this is another, the point of view of a package in the back of a fedex truck.
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>> really bumpy ride. >> andre has driven trucks for a long time. if he could he'd spurn them. >> i worked for numerous driving companies and this is the most roughest, toughest bumpiest road i've ever seen. >> a new report from the metropolitan transportation commission says they have the worst roads in the bay area. who likes that, bike repair shops. though tom wishes it wasn't the case. he's an avid rider. >> the spikes get beat up a little better many. they're going through tires faster and we get a lot of people on mountain bikes as well. >> we have some very poor quality roads. >> yes,ed town is among the wealthiest in the bay area, but cities have to tax themselves to repair roads and lark spur hasn't done that. >> same moneys are also the money we use to protect citizens from storm water
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issues and floods. competing demands are really difficult. >> i don't don't think the city isn't doing anything to fix the roads. they just spent a ton of money to fix one of the main roads right by the high school. and this is smooth. >> unfortunately it's not on andre carters route. >> somebody has to do something about this. >> one pursuit, possibly getting money through the voters. >> andre carter can't afford to live here, but if he did he'd sure vote for it. >> mike sugerman, cbs5. the bears and the coach, the chicago bears legend mike ditka recovering from a minor stroke today, what he noticed before checking into a hospital. >> i'm here to have a good time, the beginning of the season, got to make a couple of good runs. >> let it snow. the word from deer snow boarders and sierra businesses
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banking on a white thanksgiving holiday. we'll be right back. trtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrain, wishing you a happy thanksgiving.
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the middle east... after a temporary ceasefire between
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israel and palestine was br. "shots" ,. the fighting continues in the middle east after a temporary cease fire between israel and palestine was broken. israel's military -- israel's military struck nearly 200 targets in palestinian territory just overnight. the attacks destroyed government and police compounds including a smuggling tunnel and a 3-story apartment building. hamas militants have struck back with nearly 500 rockets. it looks like israel is now getting ready for a ground invasion, and the conflict in the middle east is very much felt here in the bay area. protesters on both sides of the issue took to the streets outside the israeli consulate in san fransisco. small clusters of pro israel activists were outnumbered by those who support palestine. >> i don't know how come spot military air forces to bomb and kill children. it's very hard to understand it. >> the people on the other side
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of the street are screaming for the elimination and calling us baby killers. >> they have discourage israel supporters from joining these kinds of protests. at uc berkeley they're investigating antesemitism. this morning the coast guard is stepping up the search for two workers missing after a fire on an oil platform. at least four people were seriously burned in that explosion in the gulf of mexico yesterday. they are being treated right now at a burn center in louisiana. the coast guard searched through the night for the two missing and a larger daylight effort that includes helicopters resumed a little while ago this morning. ski resorts in the sierra have a lot of fresh snow to be thankful for. laura cole takes us to the ski runs that are open and packed.
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>> i'm here to have a good time in the beginning of the season. >> skiers and snow boarders packed the lifts, many getting in their first runs of the year. >> the ice was perfect. it wasn't hard. it was nice. >> and that means ski resorts will only get busier as thanksgiving approaches and the storms roll in. >> this is a setup weekend. it could go either way but going into next wee with snow this weekend and hopefully good weather things are looking up. >> that's the big weekend when people anticipate getting up here and spending time with family and getting out and enjoying the holidays. >> on the roads while it's wet and misty going down interstate 80 cars taking it slightly slower as they move through the sierra. >> i wasn't expecting it to be like this. i was actually expecting it to be like really bad. >> with more snow on the way and thanksgiving days away businesses are gearing up for the crowds. >> we're looking for a really good thanksgiving week up here. >> many are giving thanks that it's ski season once again. >> the slopes are really nice.
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>> around here no snow but plenty of rain. brian hackney joining us live to tell us a little bit more about when we can expect the biggest points of rain. >> well, it's pretty much, you know, happened overnight. it's going to taper off this morning, but there's more coming in tonight. we'll get a little bit of a break for you saturday. it's still not going to be a crystal clear day. we might get a few sunny breaks later in the day. light showers reported at 7:00 in most of the reporting locations throughout the bay area. things coming out of the southwest, most of the rain unwinding this morning over sonoma county and heading out to solano. we're getting shower snow in the south bay and here's the latest right now. we have winter storm warnings posted out in the sierra all the way through yosemite and kings canyon. wind gusts with this by tomorrow with the peaks could be up to 70 miles an hour. if you are headed to the
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mountains, carry chains. it's going to take you some time to get you want there. that's good -- to get up there. showers end later tonight but then more rain is going to be coming in tonight. thanksgiving as we look ahead does look dry for the bay area. the high-def doppler is showing us rain in the north bay. east bay is pretty much straight up. just a few scattered showers around skyline up the spine of the peninsula. some of the low level stuff doesn't get picked up but there is still some showers out there. time lapse shows the first storm moves in, that next storm off the queen sharp charlotte is going to bring more rain tonight. out the door expect the showers to end, the temperatures today will be mostly in the 60s in the bay area, just the low 60s, and the extended forecast finally is going to be -- these are some rain totals by the way. you can see we did pretty well in nevada, san pate owe picked up a 3rd of an inch.
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we're going to be looking at numbers in the low 60s. extended forecast, dry it up for thanksgiving after another shot of showers by the end of the week. we have a little bit of rain coming in on tuesday and wednesday. we get a break on monday. >> wednesday is the big travel day. >> yeah, you know, it's going to clear out by late wednesday. so that part looks good. >> thanks for that. some say this is america's favorite blond, a eulogy to the twinkie with 150-calorie snack cake what it can teach us about ourselves. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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so stephanie, are you ready to make this wonderful cranberry dish? >> i am. thanksgiving is right around the corner. >> you have food going here, and you don't have a lot of sugar. tell me what you put the cranberries with. >> it's already a fruit. it has some in there already. they can taste bitter so i use honey. a lot of honey and a little brown sugar. just a little bit. >> not too much right? >> no. it makes it too sweet and it's not good for you anymore. >> and you have cinnamon in there. >> and i have cinnamon sticks and nutmeg. >> and we have the fuji apples. >> you kind of can just go by how much you made so that should be good. >> now we put the orange zest. >> yep. and don't forget to wash your oranges. >> we're using the success
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because of the because the juice is really cease and sweet -- sweet and it's already sweet. it keeps it fresh. >> then we put that in the bowl and you want to make the cranberry sauce about two days ahead of time, which is very helpful on thanksgiving because the day is so hectic. you're going to make it two days ahead and keep it in the fridge. it will thicken and cool. and right after my favorite, we're going to add mint. >> we're going to rip the mint. you want to add it on thanksgiving day right before the meal. >> thank you so much the another wonderful recipe by my daughter who's teaching dad how to cook. chow. we are seeing a lot of wistful moding over the twinkie, you may have heard the big announcement yesterday. the twinkie is over. a snack cake that packs 150- calories and 4 and a half grams of fat, 2.5 being saturated
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fat. 7% of your daily allowance of cholesterol and 9% of sodium. the twinkie was much bigger than its nutrition label. the twinkie said a lot about us. >> i don't even think it tastes that good but it reminds me of childhood. >> unmistakable, iconic, yellow. born in the depths of the great depression made timeless in the age of black and white. >> it's twinkie the kid. >> wow! >> howdy partner. >> in a time of backyard bomb shelters the twinkie was said to last forever with an expiration date measured not so much by shelf life but half- life. >> here's your rewards. >> thanks. >> a cheap forever food filled with vanilla cream and layers of mystery. >> ever wonder how they get that creamy filling into the middle of a twinkie's cake? >> what do they put in these
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things anyway. >> sugar enriched flour, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, yellow dye no. 5. >> actually, as we reported in 2007, it's a little more complicated. >> cellulose gum, calcium sulfate are more surprising. they're also used in sheetrock, shampoo, laundry detergent, even rocket fuel. >> and the raw materials come from all over the world, the far east, africa, india, europe the middle east and the united states. >> you're biting into the twinkie industrial complex, a worldwide network. i call it the twinkie nexus. >> in the shock and sadness following the assassinations of george pasco knee and supervisor harvey milk there was the notorious twinkie defense. in truth dan white's lawyer claimed his diet was a symptom of depression, not a cause for
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murder. the legal phase has never died but as america evolved, so did its nutrition consciousness. >> michelle has told me i cannot have a fried twinkie. >> it's bad that i even said the word twinkie from behind this microphone. >> and then the lethal blow, a 21st century labor dispute. >> they're cutting the people's pay 8%. they're eliminating their pension. >> with that hostess is history. salaries, pensions, 18,000 jobs are gone. the -- for workers it's a loss that cannot be eased with comfort food. for consumers they have to stomach empty shelves in convenience store aisles and the end of a high calorie american love affair. >> i don't think nothing will replace twinkies. >> now reaching its final ultimate test of shelf life.
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the hostess twinkie, dead at the age of 82. >> and you know there are a lot of entries right now on ebay for boxes of twinkies they've become quite the hot commodity. former nfl great mike ditka is in the hospital after suffering a minor stroke. the 73-year-old hall of famer sought medical care yesterday after noticing that his hands weren't working quite right. he was also having trouble speaking. ditka played tight end for three teams. he also coached the chicago bears to a super bowl victory after the 1985 season. 49ers coach jim harbaugh is back at work following a minor procedure for an irregular heartbeat. he plans to alter his diet and cut down on caffeine. he's going to be on the sidelines monday night. the cal men are continuing their winning ways and the warriors hope to start the road trip on a positive note as they
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took on the minnesota timber wolves. >> if you love the golden state warriors you're going to love this. if you like stef curry you'll love it even more. they were in the land of 10,000 lakes and that would be minnesota. the aforementioned curry, and we call this ball movement working around inside, david lee. he had 18 points, nice pass, the other man with 18, hammerson barns the drive and get out of his way. warriors beat the timber wolves last night 106 to 98. warriors off to a nice road trip. mike montgomery and the california golden bears as we segue to college basketball. their visiting denver and david ravaged to robert thurman, cal wins 72-61. they're unbeaten at 3 and 0. stanford knock off the no.
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1 baylor bears 71-69. cardinal now 3 and 0 and look at that hit. that's on jake cutler. not going to answer the bell against the 49ers on monday. calling the signals will be jason campbell and you raider fans remember him. last time the raiders had it going good jason campbell was at the helm. everybody have a great, dry, saturday. we'll see you later. coming up one more look at today's top stories including the search for an armed man in the south bay shootout that sent two people to the hospital. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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police in san jose are searg for a quick look at this morning's top stories. police searching for a second armed robbery suspect right now. they say he was involved in a shootout in which a bullet grazed a police officer. a chp officer walked away unharmed from this crash. the accident happened at 10 last night north of petaluma. that crash involved another vehicle, but no damages or injuries were reported from that car. a legal victory for high speed rail in california, a judge has denied an injunction to stop the project. central valley farmers are still pressing a lawsuit alleging violations of environmental laws. tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning, the sheriff of san fransisco reflects on the
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domestic violence scandal that nearly cost him his job. >> i wouldn't have allowed the his characterization saying that domestic violence is a private family matter. nobody in their right mind believes that and i never did. >> and also the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to california's cash crunch. senator elect jerry hill joining us live in studio. that's tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning. phil matier will be here at 7:30 a.m. and our last look at the weather forecast. >> not a washout. >> the showers going to be ending this morning. we'll get a little bit of a break this afternoon, another little system is on the way. we'll get wet again tonight. get a break on monday. late tuesday, early wednesday more rain. turkey day turns out to be dry. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> dry turkey is not good though. >> when it comes to the weather it is. >> and finally this morning, macy's has some of the most
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spectacular holiday window displays but one of the most popular features this guy, former mayor willie brown unveiled this holiday window of adorable adoptable kids last night. this is the 26th year union square macy's has partnered with the animal shelter. they get those animals in. everies oohs and awes and some get adopted. >> macy's also helped raise 80,000 bucks for the spca in 2011. >> i've often thought we should have a few kittens on the set. >> i agree. can we talk the producer into that? >> chris, can we do that? join us tomorrow morning at 7: 7:30. ,,,,,,,,
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